Selected Publications


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Essays & Local Press Contributions

Alsop, Christiane (2024). Tammy’s Wild Oats. The Manchester Cricket. Vol. 137. NO. 8, Friday, July 12, 2024, p. 5. [and here]

Notable Essay in Best American Essays 2006

Alsop, C. K. (2011). Presumed Guilty. Personal Essay. The Drum. A Magazine For Your Ears. April. and in Briar Cliff Review, Volume 17 (p. 38-42). Sioux City, IA.

Academic Articles

Alsop, Christiane K. & Cowan, Sylvia (2022). Silenced by trauma. A comparison of the second generation in two cultures. In L.L.Douglass, A. Threlkeld, & L.R. Merriweather (Eds.), Trauma in adult and higher education. Conversations and critical reflections (pp. 39-63). Charlotte, NC: IAP.

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Book Reviews

Alsop, Christiane K. (2019). Forced Confrontation: The Politics of Dead Bodies in Germany at the End of World War II by Christopher Mauriello. In: Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal, 13 (1), 191-194. Available at:

Alsop, Christiane K. (2018). Reichsrock: The International Web of White-Power and Neo-Nazi Hate Music by Kirstin Dyck. In: Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal, 11 (3), 131-133. Available at:

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